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Penny Kidd

I'm a social worker turned Financial Coach. I'm completely debt free (including my house!) and help others make their money behave by doing a budget and becoming intentional with their money.

Hey WiseGuys – what does financial freedom mean to you?

the cuffs come off with financial freedom


Financial Freedom to me means not having to worry all the time. It means I can do all the things that make me happy.


It means not always focusing on the “have-to-dos.” It also means that I will have the freedom to donate my time and money to help others. Having a plan for your money gives you the opportunity to be financially free! Something we all dream about – but many of us don’t know how to achieve. 


In my video, I interview Rikki Smith, from Stratus Training & Consulting and Faith on Friday, who talks about her journey to financial freedom and how her faith helped her get there. Rikki herself said it so well:


“I have learned from my faith that there are principles to everything and money is no exception. My faith has instilled in me that I have all I need in my life to gain the financial freedom I desire – there are just a few action steps I need to take to get there.”

– Rikki Smith



Financial freedom is something that we can all achieve no matter where we are now, what we believe in, or how many steps we think it will take to get there. It’s a matter of believing in ourselves and our ability to be financially free that is the key. The rest is just the small, organized steps that you take every day towards your goal of financial freedom.


If you would like to connect more with Rikki Smith you can visit her YouTube Channel Rikki Smith – Faith on Friday (, check out her latest book Faith on Friday: A Deeper Dive  (, or email her at

C. Hunter

Budgeting always seemed so constraining.  A discouraging exercise in trying to make outflows at least equal inflows.  Then after creating one, it became just another spreadsheet taking up space on my computer since I lacked an efficient way to measure actual expenditures against it. 

Enter Penny Kidd.  Not only did she provide me with a budgeting tool for planning each and every inflow and outflow, but she also provided an efficient process for tracking actuals against the budget.  In addition, Penny provided suggestions for getting the products and services I need at a better price.  The end result is not constraint, but freedom. 

I know exactly how much I’ve spent, and what I can afford to spend.  I’m meeting my savings goals, and I’m better prepared for the unexpected. When I do make a purchase, I do so without guilt.  My financial future looks brighter than ever.  Thanks, Penny!”