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Penny Kidd

I'm a social worker turned Financial Coach. I'm completely debt free (including my house!) and help others make their money behave by doing a budget and becoming intentional with their money.

Arlene Samuelson

Penny is an amazing financial coach! I never knew I needed one until a wealth manager would not help us until we knew what our cash flow amounted to, and how much our living expenses were! I could not produce an answer. He recommended Penny, and we are busy getting our financial house in order. Her gifts are education and working with financial behavior; which statistically amounts to 80% of all finance problems. She has been professional and gentle while helping us get out of debt and clarify our financial goals. I never would have sat down to create a spreadsheet for my budget (because I couldn’t!) and Penny created one for us….all we have to do is fill it in…this was a huge relief! Penny genuinely desires to help us accomplish our goals! She celebrates with us and keeps us accountable. She is worth every PENNY!”

Arlene Samuelson; AMS Interiors

What TIME is it Wise Guys?

It’s TIME to get your finances in order! It’s TIME to do a written zero-based budget. It’s TIME to finally get out of debt. It’s TIME to quit procrastinating and start investing for your future. It’s TIME to contact Penny to talk about how you can start 2017 off right. Email me at or call me at 970-215-7618 now and I’ll get back to you soon to set up your free 30 minute session. (I love my new Christmas gift made by my talented husband. Note how each hour is marked by the correct “number”)

My take on the elections in 2016

Here’s a post from a video I did the day after elections. Maybe it’s relevant in all kinds of ways in our world. Take a few minutes to watch and see what you think. What do you have control over (or whom)?


Debt Free Vacations are Best!

Eastern Caribbean is so pleasant when it’s paid before you get home.

My husband Marc (the first Wise Guy) and I just got home from a wonderful Caribbean cruise to celebrate our 25th Anniversary. We spent 7 nights on our first cruise with ports at the Dominican Republic, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten. We’ve been saving up for a while and so enjoyed it that we thought we’d make a little video to encourage others to be wise with your money so you can enjoy a vacation instead of worrying about the bill when you get home. When you are wise with your money and have no debt, you can save for fun and it’s so much better!  Check out our video.


Lew & Jeannette Gaiter

Jeannette Gaiter

Penny is an excellent financial coach. She has encouraged me to find my way with finances. She uses principles to guide you, but allows you to be yourself as well. The goal is to help you, not to uphold the principles. Would highly recommend her services in any capacity. ~Jeannette

Lew Gaiter III


Penny did a great job helping us prioritize our finances and create a budget that works for us! ~Lew


Susan Kurzeka, M.Ed

My husband and I met with Penny to get our finances organized and start paying off our debt. She was incredibly helpful with our budgeting and determining which accounts to work on first. She also gave us some great recommendations regarding insurance and what areas to focus on for our future. Thanks Penny!