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Penny Kidd

I'm a social worker turned Financial Coach. I'm completely debt free (including my house!) and help others make their money behave by doing a budget and becoming intentional with their money.

My take on the elections in 2016

Here’s a post from a video I did the day after elections. Maybe it’s relevant in all kinds of ways in our world. Take a few minutes to watch and see what you think. What do you have control over (or whom)?


Debt Free Vacations are Best!

Eastern Caribbean is so pleasant when it’s paid before you get home.

My husband Marc (the first Wise Guy) and I just got home from a wonderful Caribbean cruise to celebrate our 25th Anniversary. We spent 7 nights on our first cruise with ports at the Dominican Republic, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten. We’ve been saving up for a while and so enjoyed it that we thought we’d make a little video to encourage others to be wise with your money so you can enjoy a vacation instead of worrying about the bill when you get home. When you are wise with your money and have no debt, you can save for fun and it’s so much better!  Check out our video.


Lew & Jeannette Gaiter

Jeannette Gaiter

Penny is an excellent financial coach. She has encouraged me to find my way with finances. She uses principles to guide you, but allows you to be yourself as well. The goal is to help you, not to uphold the principles. Would highly recommend her services in any capacity. ~Jeannette

Lew Gaiter III


Penny did a great job helping us prioritize our finances and create a budget that works for us! ~Lew


Susan Kurzeka, M.Ed

My husband and I met with Penny to get our finances organized and start paying off our debt. She was incredibly helpful with our budgeting and determining which accounts to work on first. She also gave us some great recommendations regarding insurance and what areas to focus on for our future. Thanks Penny!

Tricia Thomas

Old friend, new client

“I have known Penny since we were students together at CSU!

Penny has been a wonderful friend for many years, and while I have not worked with her as a colleague, I have more recently become a client through Pennywise Coaching. Penny has really helped me to re-focus and organize my financial goals. I felt I was on a right track, but she has helped me take it to the next level, and become more financially conscious, exploring my personal goals and helping to plan toward accomplishing them!  She takes that care to explain and walk you through; doing what works for YOU! 

I can also speak to her character, dedication, determination, and plain fun spirit!  Penny accomplishes anything she sets her mind to, and does it with a confidence, and humor that is just a joy!  Her work and ethics are of the highest level and she sets the standard high for herself and others around her. I recommend Penny for coaching, projects or any position!!”



At Her Wits End

  • (I had the opportunity to guest author with my friend Gary Crist)

Dear Gary: I have a grown daughter who is a single mother to my 5-year-old grandson, Brandon. My daughter works full time, rents an apartment and has transportation. My frustration is with the choices she makes financially and how these affect my grandson. Just so you know, Brandon’s father is in prison and is of little help to his family. I get very frustrated with the way my daughter blows her money and then comes to me to help her out with monthly bills, etc. She has no savings account and spends money like she has a lot of it. She leases a new car, buys new clothes and expensive things like an iPad, huge flat-screen TV, etc. Much of this goes on her credit cards, which are usually maxed out. I know I should not enable her by bailing her out every month, but I cannot let my grandson go without the things he needs. I know you are not a financial planner, but any direction or advice I could show her would be very helpful.

— At my Wits End in Loveland