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Having a plan for your money gives you the opportunity to be financially free. Something we all dream about -
Struggling with learning how to make a budget or spending plan for your money a reality? Wondering why you would
Budgeting always seemed so constraining.  A discouraging exercise in trying to make outflows at least equal inflows.  Then after creating
Click the picture above to see the video interview for the Reset Podcast by Franklin Taggart and learn more about
March 28th is a day for memories for me. Hopefully, this one moves you to action. A journey of a
"I'm a self-employed single mom with two kids." I started working with Penny to find a budget that would help
"We took a Financial Peace class with Penny and Marc." Oh how we wish we'd known about this years ago
Penny is an amazing financial coach! I never knew I needed one until a wealth manager would not help us
It's TIME to get your finances in order! It's TIME to do a written zero-based budget. It's TIME to finally get
Here's a post from a video I did the day after elections. Maybe it's relevant in all kinds of ways

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