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"We took a Financial Peace class with Penny and Marc." Oh how we wish we'd known about this years ago
Penny is an amazing financial coach! I never knew I needed one until a wealth manager would not help us
It's TIME to get your finances in order! It's TIME to do a written zero-based budget. It's TIME to finally get
Here's a post from a video I did the day after elections. Maybe it's relevant in all kinds of ways
Eastern Caribbean is so pleasant when it's paid before you get home. My husband Marc (the first Wise Guy) and
Penny is an excellent financial coach. She has encouraged me to find my way with finances. She uses principles to
My husband and I met with Penny to get our finances organized and start paying off our debt. She was
Old friend, new client “I have known Penny since we were students together at CSU! Penny has been a wonderful
"We have been working with Pennywise for three months, and we have been very pleased with the results." For us,
"I recently took the 9 week Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class that Penny and her husband taught." I can’t