Planning a Dream Retirement

Trevi Fountain

Looking forward to retirement but not sure you’ve set aside enough funds for the lifestyle you want?  A Federal Reserve study reports that almost half of all respondents have not done any planning for retirement, and 31% had no savings or pension and were not sure what they would live on. Relying on Social Security has been a concern for years and it may not be there when we want to retire, and most likely will not be enough to have a comfortable lifestyle. As a rule, we are living longer now than generations past, yet health concerns or age discrimination may prevent you from working as long as you would like to. We’ll go over foundational concerns to your plan and make sure you have safeguards in place to prevent life events from eating up your life savings. We’ll work together to make sure you have a plan that will allow you to live the retirement you’ve dreamed of and meet your goals.