Starting Life Strong

The average amount of student loan debt for an undergraduate is currently over $35,000 with approximately 70% of students borrowing for an undergraduate degree.   This varies state by state. Parents are taking on almost an equal amount of debt for their student, and this almost a 10 fold increase since 1994. The rates of student debt are rising much faster than inflation. The huge amount of student loan debt that is plaguing our society today is delaying your ability to start investing early and taking advantage of compound interest over many years to build a solid retirement and legacy for your family. Don’t let the temptation to only pay the minimum payment and keep paying so much of your hard-earned money to the lender in interest. Together, we’ll create a plan to get that debt behind you so you can build the future you and your family deserve. The next challenge for young adults is the temptation to “keep up with the Jones’” and thinking they should immediately have everything their parents worked 30 years to achieve. Buying too much house or buying cars on payments or lease is the first way to deplete your wealth. Let us help you start doing what’s best for you and your future instead of getting caught in a marketing trap!