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Scott S. Testimonial

“Let me start by saying that I HATE budgets.”

I always thought they were a necessary evil, but EVIL, nonetheless. But Penny has helped my wife and I with our family budget in such kind and thoughtful way that I must give her my highest recommendation.

When we started with Penny almost three years ago, we were in debt in excess of $138,000 (excluding our mortgage), and I could see an end in sight, but it was a long way off. That was very depressing. I could hardly bear to inform my wife about our situation at the time, mostly due to my frustration, embarrassment and pride.

Then we were introduced to Penny through a mutual friend, and from that time on we began to get real and practical guidance on our family finances. We are now out of debt except for our mortgage and have a solid retirement plan in place, and I am humbled and thankful to say that Penny was a very integral part of that process.

Penny made herself readily available to us, answered our numerous questions, gave constant encouragement, and guided us toward establishing the basic and reasonably secure financial footing that our family now has. She is literally “worth every Penny.”

Thank you, Penny, from the bottom of my heart, and may the Lord continue to bless your work in coaching others the way you have done for us!
~Scott S.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Fill out this form to be contacted to schedule your Free 45-minute Discovery Session and begin the journey to become WISE with money.

Merrick Testimonial

“Last year, my husband and I got really real with each other”

We decided to enlist the support of Penny Axton Kidd in untangling our complicated relationship with money and spending.

We’d launched a business together and had gotten real clear that our personal money dynamic wasn’t serving us (personally or in business). We coached with Penny for 6 months and developed new habits – both with money and with our communication.

Penny is a gentle, compassionate, caring coach who really meets you where you’re at. If you’re feeling anxiety going into the holiday season or are in need of a tune up with your attitude and habits around money, she is your person.

– Merrick Weaver

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Fill out this form to be contacted to schedule your Free 45-minute Discovery Session and begin the journey to become WISE with money.

How to be Intentional with Your Money to Create a Holiday Budget & Plan

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As a Financial Coach I know Holidays can be FUN and DAUNTING for my clients.


One of their most common causes of stress – is the toll all this celebrating takes on their finances. My best advice is to plan now for the things that you value and what you can AFFORD with a Holiday Budget.


I suggest you limit how much you spend, or you may find yourself regretting your choices come January and well into the New Year. Let’s put the HAPPY back in the Holidays by becoming intentional with your money and creating a holiday budget.


Watch my video above to learn how you can be less stressed this season with a holiday budget plan


To help you be more intentional with your money this Holiday Season – I have created the WiseGuy Holiday Spending Plan Google Drive Folder – Just sign up for my mailing list and you will receive instant access! This folder and plan include all the tips and tools you will need to plan out a holiday budget you can actually afford – saving you so much financial stress this Holiday season!


These tips and tools can help you plan for all the expenses this holiday season with a holiday budget and plan. The awesome spending plan tool with an automatic calculator is a tool that you can use right now to start planning before you spend too much this season.


So watch my above video then download all these amazing tools for free today. I really hope you use these tools to help you better plan your holiday spending. Save yourself all the stress and regret you normally feel in January!

Your Holiday Hero,



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