About Penny Kidd

  • Penny will be a non-judgmental guide for your financial journey
  • Financial Coach – not a Financial Planner or Investment Advisor
  • Member of a cohort of other financial coaches who support and educate each other called Coach Connections
  • Colorado State University alumna with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work
  • A career as a social worker with  30 years’ experience assisting children, youth, and families in making behavior changes through counseling, accessing resources, conflict mediation, and meeting facilitation
  • Faithful Christian, loving wife, and mother of two amazing young adults
  • Compassionate, honest, and trustworthy advocate and mentor with the heart of a TEACHER
  • Along with my husband Marc, paid off $30,000 of consumer debt, $130,000 including our house in 9 years and now we’re DEBT FREE and loving it! Did we do it perfectly? Absolutely not, but slow and steady wins the race
  • Recently put two kids through college without debt
  • Managing Director of the Northern Colorado Chapter of the women’s connection company called Polka Dot Powerhouse.

Pennywise Coaching teaches you how to:

Create a customized spending plan

Be intentional with your money

Use simple money management skills

Align your spending with your personal values

Achieve financial independence

Plan for the future