Success Stories

What others say about Pennywise Coaching.

  • Scott S. Testimonial

    “Let me start by saying that I HATE budgets.”

    I always thought they were a necessary evil, but EVIL, nonetheless. But Penny has helped my wife and I with our family budget in such kind and thoughtful way that I must give her my highest recommendation.

    When we started with Penny almost three years ago, we were in debt in excess of $138,000 (excluding our mortgage), and I could see an end in sight, but it was a long way off. That was very depressing. I could hardly bear to inform my wife about our situation at the time, mostly due to my frustration, embarrassment and pride.

    Then we were introduced to Penny through a mutual friend, and from that time on we began to get real and practical guidance on our family finances. We are now out of debt except for our mortgage and have a solid retirement plan in place, and I am humbled and thankful to say that Penny was a very integral part of that process.

    Penny made herself readily available to us, answered our numerous questions, gave constant encouragement, and guided us toward establishing the basic and reasonably secure financial footing that our family now has. She is literally “worth every Penny.”

    Thank you, Penny, from the bottom of my heart, and may the Lord continue to bless your work in coaching others the way you have done for us!
    ~Scott S.

    A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Fill out this form to be contacted to schedule your Free 45-minute Discovery Session and begin the journey to become WISE with money.

  • Merrick Testimonial

    “Last year, my husband and I got really real with each other”

    We decided to enlist the support of Penny Axton Kidd in untangling our complicated relationship with money and spending.

    We’d launched a business together and had gotten real clear that our personal money dynamic wasn’t serving us (personally or in business). We coached with Penny for 6 months and developed new habits – both with money and with our communication.

    Penny is a gentle, compassionate, caring coach who really meets you where you’re at. If you’re feeling anxiety going into the holiday season or are in need of a tune up with your attitude and habits around money, she is your person.

    – Merrick Weaver

    A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Fill out this form to be contacted to schedule your Free 45-minute Discovery Session and begin the journey to become WISE with money.

  • Sanya Testimonial

    Struggling with learning how to make a budget or spending plan for your money a reality? Wondering why you would hire a coach when you can do it on your own?

    Take a few minutes to listen to a real Pennywise client to see what her experience was and then reach out to me for your own FREE discovery session at

  • C. Hunter

    Budgeting always seemed so constraining.  A discouraging exercise in trying to make outflows at least equal inflows.  Then after creating one, it became just another spreadsheet taking up space on my computer since I lacked an efficient way to measure actual expenditures against it. 

    Enter Penny Kidd.  Not only did she provide me with a budgeting tool for planning each and every inflow and outflow, but she also provided an efficient process for tracking actuals against the budget.  In addition, Penny provided suggestions for getting the products and services I need at a better price.  The end result is not constraint, but freedom. 

    I know exactly how much I’ve spent, and what I can afford to spend.  I’m meeting my savings goals, and I’m better prepared for the unexpected. When I do make a purchase, I do so without guilt.  My financial future looks brighter than ever.  Thanks, Penny!”

  • Single Mom Testimonial

    “I’m a self-employed single mom with two kids.”

    I started working with Penny to find a budget that would help me carve out money for my kids’ college. I have irregular income due to being paid mostly on commission and the business’ ebb and flow.

    Penny helped me identify which expenses were constant both personally and in the business, and then define what income was REQUIRED to cover these expenses. This helped me to become aware of where my money was going.

    I became much more deliberate about my spending, and have paid off thousands of dollars in credit card debt. Working with Penny improved both my personal finances and my businesses finances. I enjoyed working with Pennywise because I found this process to be very emotional and we have a shared faith. I highly recommend Penny Kidd.

    A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Fill out this form to be contacted to schedule your Free 45-minute Discovery Session and begin the journey to become WISE with money.

  • Kristi Nay Testimonial

    “We took a Financial Peace class with Penny and Marc.”

    Oh how we wish we’d known about this years ago – we’d be in a completely different financial state! Penny is not only highly qualified, she’s also non-judgmental and realistic.

    We found her to be a great balance between the idealized world of Financial Peace and the “real” world. We’ve paid off 4 credit cards in 6 months and within the next 10 years we’ll be completely debt free (including our home) because of what she taught us.

    A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Fill out this form to be contacted to schedule your Free 45-minute Discovery Session and begin the journey to become WISE with money.

  • Arlene Samuelson

    Penny is an amazing financial coach! I never knew I needed one until a wealth manager would not help us until we knew what our cash flow amounted to, and how much our living expenses were! I could not produce an answer. He recommended Penny, and we are busy getting our financial house in order. Her gifts are education and working with financial behavior; which statistically amounts to 80% of all finance problems. She has been professional and gentle while helping us get out of debt and clarify our financial goals. I never would have sat down to create a spreadsheet for my budget (because I couldn’t!) and Penny created one for us….all we have to do is fill it in…this was a huge relief! Penny genuinely desires to help us accomplish our goals! She celebrates with us and keeps us accountable. She is worth every PENNY!”

    Arlene Samuelson; AMS Interiors

  • Lew & Jeannette Gaiter

    Jeannette Gaiter

    Penny is an excellent financial coach. She has encouraged me to find my way with finances. She uses principles to guide you, but allows you to be yourself as well. The goal is to help you, not to uphold the principles. Would highly recommend her services in any capacity. ~Jeannette

    Lew Gaiter III


    Penny did a great job helping us prioritize our finances and create a budget that works for us! ~Lew


  • Susan Kurzeka, M.Ed

    My husband and I met with Penny to get our finances organized and start paying off our debt. She was incredibly helpful with our budgeting and determining which accounts to work on first. She also gave us some great recommendations regarding insurance and what areas to focus on for our future. Thanks Penny!

  • Tricia Thomas Testimonial

    Old friend, new client

    “I have known Penny since we were students together at CSU!

    Penny has been a wonderful friend for many years, and while I have not worked with her as a colleague, I have more recently become a client through Pennywise Coaching. Penny has really helped me to re-focus and organize my financial goals. I felt I was on a right track, but she has helped me take it to the next level, and become more financially conscious, exploring my personal goals and helping to plan toward accomplishing them!  She takes that care to explain and walk you through; doing what works for YOU! 

    I can also speak to her character, dedication, determination, and plain fun spirit!  Penny accomplishes anything she sets her mind to, and does it with a confidence, and humor that is just a joy!  Her work and ethics are of the highest level and she sets the standard high for herself and others around her. I recommend Penny for coaching, projects or any position!!”

    A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Fill out this form to be contacted to schedule your Free 45-minute Discovery Session and begin the journey to become WISE with money.

  • Gretchen & Ryan

    We have been working with Pennywise for three months, and we have been very pleased with the results. For us, a lot of the success comes from straightforward tactics and accountability. We are doing well simply because Penny helped us see that getting started and wanting to make the change is all it takes. You can make pretty quick progress if you have a plan and stick to. We have reduced our personal credit card debt by 75% in a few short months and we have a savings plan. With the exception of our house and one car, we will be paid off by summer. If you are thinking of getting a handle on your money, Pennywise is a great place to start.

  • Mykel B.

    I recently took the 9 week Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class that Penny and her husband taught and I can’t begin to tell you how much I learned about managing my money and getting out of debt. Penny met with me individually and went over my finances and showed me where I could be saving some money and paying off debt. Since meeting with Penny I have started to pay more on my monthly car payments in order to pay my car off sooner with the hopes of putting that money towards savings. I have also paid off one credit card, closed four other credit card accounts and I use the envelope system to pay in cash, rather than using my debit card which has kept me on a budget. I strongly recommend using Penny as a Financial Coach. She is very knowledgeable and about personal finances and most importantly for me she is non-judgmental and available to answer any questions I have.

  • Amanda and Dave M. – Ft Collins, CO

    After graduate school and two career changes we found ourselves in debt and always struggling to make ends meet. I would create spread sheets and try to come up with a budget, but I still felt my system was chaotic. We needed a change. Penny had just started her new business and reached out to us. Her non-judgmental, to-the-point style makes tough conversations easier. She is knowledgeable of how Dave Ramsey’s system works and is a living example of the success you can have when using it. We have only been using the envelop system for a few months but with Penny’s guidance and encouragement we have already found money in our budget we didn’t know we had. We have an emergency fund saved up and are working on our debt. The best part is we are only spending money that we have. Our communication around our finances has improved and we are enjoying the time spent together budgeting. We both see a very different financial future than we did before and are excited about the wealth and more important the Pennywise habits we can pass on to our children!

  • Michele VW – Fort Collins, CO

    Penny has the patience of a saint;
    The heart and degree of a social worker;
    The business mind of a banker;
    The wisdom and life experience of someone who walks what she talks.
    I have been working with Penny for several years now as a friend and confidant working intensely on my budget and financial planning.  I was delighted when she told me she was going into business as a financial coach.  She’s a natural; genuinely committed to those seeking direction in cleaning up their finances.

  • Wendy R

    I have known Penny for MANY years. In all those years, I have never known such a dedicated, hard working person. She is truly passionate about the work she does and cares very much about her clients. She has the ability to look at the whole picture in a non-judgmental way. She is smart, honest, trustworthy, kind, funny, and excellent listener. Penny is not only a valuable tool for advice, but also has the personal experience of applying what her work entails. I believe without a doubt, that she will bring the very best of herself to her clients. She is FANTASTIC!


  • Sanya Testimonial