Cash is King! How Cash Can Help You Spend Less This Holiday Season

We’ve all heard the phrase “Cash is King,” but what exactly does that mean? Our cash flow is important and can be our most valuable investment tool.

The simple act of spending CASH can help you spend much less; not just at the holidays, but all year round.

The research shows that when you spend cash you will spend 15-18% less because cash is tangible – you actually FEEL it. My clients tell me, ‘I don’t like to spend cash,’ and that’s the point! You want to feel the pain of it leaving your hand when you decide that something is worth it. You can see when cash is running out. When it’s just a swipe at a terminal, your brain cannot possibly keep in mind all the other times you’ve swiped, and what is left to come out of that account (unless you have a great written budget to look at, but that’s another course!) 

One of my earliest smart money moves was signing up for a Christmas Club account where I designated a fixed amount of my check to go into that account each payday, and then in November they dumped it back into my checking to use for Christmas. Now I won’t pretend I did it perfectly (or do it now either), but it’s really nice to have a big chunk of what the budget is already there, and then pull it in cash, and work really hard to stick to it.

It’s not always easy to do the right thing and make changes. Your goal should be to hit January 1 with no extra debt! This may mean that you have to really scale back on your spending on things like eating out or extras in order to find enough for what you hope your budget to be. If those people and activities you’ve been writing about are really as important as you think, then a little sacrifice won’t kill you. Maybe you can find a way to start making some extra money now. Can you work overtime, or find a side hustle? Babysit or donate plasma? Sell some stuff you have around that you really don’t need anymore? Think outside the box on ways to generate a little extra cash flow!

The proper amount of cash on hand can be vitally important to our financial success. Practice managing your cash flow this holiday season, and apply those positive changes to set you up for success in the New Year. Ditch the plastic, and watch your cash flow grow!

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The top 5 Holiday expenses you are (probably) forgetting about from Loveland’s Premier Financial Coach

pennywise coaching top 5 holidays expenses you are (probably) forgetting from loveland's premier financial coach

The Winter holidays are costly in both time and money. Most people are not really aware of where they are spending and truly how much. Many people are spending beyond their budget. Most are still paying for unplanned holiday expenses well into the next year!

As a Financial Coach, I see that the holiday expenses can rob you of your plan.

Even set your whole next year into a tailspin. So how can you prevent this? Well – with a plan. Start by looking at all the items you plan to spend money on this holiday season. Then build a budget (within your means) to cover these expenses.

To help you create a plan – I have outlined the top 5 Holiday expenses you are (probably) forgetting about. Look over these expenses and add them to your holiday budget. Including these expenses will help you stay on budget and start the new year off right!

If you are looking for more help with Holiday planning and budgeting – check out my brand-new email course all about how to plan for financial peace this holiday season.

The top 5 Holiday expenses you are (probably) forgetting about from a Financial Coach:

  1. Decorations – Xmas tree, lights, ornaments, house decor – they all add up!
  2. Clothing – for holiday-themed events or for parties. A clever outfit or ugly holiday sweater can make a large dent in your holiday budget.
  3. Higher Utilities – Electric bill due to all the extra indoor and outdoor lights. Water and gas for all the company at your house and so on!
  4. Special foods (or hostess gifts) – for parties or traditions like cookies exchanges, company potlucks, friends dinner, or just special seasonal treats.
  5. Money for travel – even if you are not planning a big trip, you will probably be traveling this holiday season. Add in some money for extra gas, tolls, travel snacks, meals on the road.

These top 5 Holiday expenses you may be forgetting about could add $500 – $1000 to this already expensive holiday season. As a financial advisor, I must ask – How many months would it take you to pay off? How would next year feel if you didn’t have this unplanned debit? How much better about yourself would you feel if you didn’t have the guilt of “overspending” this holiday season?

Start by planning for all you can, then stay within that budget. It really is that simple! For more financial and budgeting advice sign for my mailing lists and like my Facebook Page. 

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Fill out this form to be contacted to schedule your Free 45-minute Discovery Session and begin the journey to become WISE with money.

How to be Intentional with Your Money to Create a Holiday Budget & Plan

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As a Financial Coach I know Holidays can be FUN and DAUNTING for my clients.


One of their most common causes of stress – is the toll all this celebrating takes on their finances. My best advice is to plan now for the things that you value and what you can AFFORD with a Holiday Budget.


I suggest you limit how much you spend, or you may find yourself regretting your choices come January and well into the New Year. Let’s put the HAPPY back in the Holidays by becoming intentional with your money and creating a holiday budget.


Watch my video above to learn how you can be less stressed this season with a holiday budget plan


To help you be more intentional with your money this Holiday Season – I have created the WiseGuy Holiday Spending Plan Google Drive Folder – Just sign up for my mailing list and you will receive instant access! This folder and plan include all the tips and tools you will need to plan out a holiday budget you can actually afford – saving you so much financial stress this Holiday season!


These tips and tools can help you plan for all the expenses this holiday season with a holiday budget and plan. The awesome spending plan tool with an automatic calculator is a tool that you can use right now to start planning before you spend too much this season.


So watch my above video then download all these amazing tools for free today. I really hope you use these tools to help you better plan your holiday spending. Save yourself all the stress and regret you normally feel in January!

Your Holiday Hero,



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