How To Change Your Life With A Financial Plan

How To Change Your Life With A Financial Plan

Being prepared with a solid financial plan can have a direct, positive impact on your life.


We all know that life can be stressful. Money issues can make that stress even worse. Without a Financial Plan, we plan to fail.


Financial preparedness and planning can help not only alleviate current stresses but can help you to carve out a much more worry-free future. With a solid financial plan, you can remove all the stress around your finances. This can change the course of your life – forever!


Wouldn’t it be amazing to never fight about money ever again? To not have to manage your anxiety over money, or feel guilty about spending your money.


You deserve to feel peaceful and happy with your money, and with a financial plan, you can totally achieve that!
A financial plan is really just a thoughtful and intentional roadmap. One aligns your short-term and long-term financial goals, creating a strategy for you to achieve them. And yes, it is simple, but the effects are life-changing.


A strong Financial Plan has helped so many of my clients to see the light at the end of the tunnel. They now feel excited about their financial stories. And I know it can do the same for you!


A financial plan designed for your life and lifestyle is one of the best investments you can make in your future. To get you inspired to work on your plan, here are just a few of the amazing ways it can change your life:



7 Ways Having A Financial Plan Will Change Your Life:


1. Helps you identify your financial goals: You have to know where you want to go in life, and starting with a plan helps you to outline your goals. When you set yourself up with several small, achievable goals, you can rest easy on them.


2. Determines your priorities: Having a financial plan can be helpful in identifying where your priorities are at. When you have an actionable plan, it can provide you with a clear understanding of what is most important to you.  That way you don’t get distracted by the small stuff.


3. Makes sure emergencies don’t become disasters: The last few years certainly taught us the value of planning ahead. By creating an emergency fund, you will be prepared and able to handle anything that comes your way.


Are you ready to create a secure financial future, schedule a free discovery call with me here.


4. Help you build your savings: A savings account to support your life and retirement is a huge financial goal for most people. Hitting this will do so much for you, and can truly help to eliminate the daunting concerns over your financial future.


5. Give you confidence in your money: When you understand your monthly cash flow, your credit card debt, have an estate plan, have retirement accounts, etc you will feel secure in your finances. This will give you an unbelievable amount of confidence in your life and your money moving forward.


6. Provide a simple plan of action to follow so you never get off track: And couldn’t we all use that in life? There’s nothing more overwhelming than getting behind on your bills. When you have a financial plan, you know exactly what to do and when.


7. Build the life you want to live: Your plan is custom to who you are and what you want out of life. Being mindful and intentional with your money will help you create the life you want to live – no matter what that is.


I hope that showcasing the many ways a financial plan can change your life has you feeling motivated and inspired to do just that! If you’d like some help putting together your own financial plan, I can help. Schedule a free Discovery Session with me today.

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Penny Kidd

I'm a social worker turned Financial Coach. I'm completely debt free (including my house!) and help others make their money behave by doing a budget and becoming intentional with their money.