Financial Prosperity and Freedom

Financial prosperity can ultimately lead you straight toward the financial freedom we all want in life.

The term prosperity may sound like a New Age ideal to some, but it’s so much more than that. Merriam-Webster defines prosperity as, “the condition of being successful or thriving.” And don’t we all want to go from surviving to thriving? The goal is to have financial prosperity so you can be free of the stress that lack can bring, and so you can be a gift to others by supporting them too. So how do we invite an energy of financial prosperity and freedom into our lives?

In order to have, or manifest, financial prosperity, you first need to know where you are at. This requires a healthy dose of assessment and accountability. Being really honest with yourself in terms of your current state, and areas of opportunity, will allow you to get clear on the best course of action for where you want to be.

Once you know where to go, the next steps are to figure out how exactly to get there. That part of the process will look different for everyone, and will largely depend on your own personal circumstances and financial goals. Setting small, achievable goals will allow you to create a system you can stick with, and once you’re in a nice rhythm, you can slowly introduce additional tweaks to help you get there.

Lewis Howes once said, “Fear is the biggest killer of dreams. Don’t let it stop yours.” Fear can be one of the most paralyzing forces when it comes to manifesting prosperity.

Attitude is everything, so if you want to have financial prosperity, you need to believe it to achieve it. Sometimes we fear the failure of not getting there, while other times we fear what that success might bring. Feeling worthy and deserving of financial prosperity is half the battle toward manifesting it.

Sometimes we can fall into the mindset that with more of anything comes more responsibility, and while that may be true in certain ways, those self-limiting beliefs can keep us from truly getting there. If you had a little extra cushion, how empowered would you feel? How at peace would you feel? Extra money is nice, but the peace of mind that comes with it is second to none. That is the truest sense of freedom, and it can help to eliminate much of the stress and strain of everyday life.

Trust in yourself and the process is the key to manifesting financial prosperity. You need to have faith that with a solid plan, the right knowledge, and small steps every day you can and will get to a place of financial prosperity.

That includes healing any painful wounds that money may have caused in your relationships, within your family, to your credit, etc. When we carry those past disappointments or negative mindsets surrounding money, we are claiming that storyline as our relationship with it, perpetuating the cycle for years to come.

Your thoughts and words are powerful, which is why it’s important to drop phrases like, “I’m so broke” from your vocabulary. When we stop vocalizing self-sabotaging proclamations, and replace them with ideas that foster a positive relationship with money, true change is possible. While it may sound corny to some, speaking or writing money mantas or affirmations can help to shift your outlook, and increase your financial prosperity.

Be grateful for every right step, misstep, success and lesson you encountered on this journey, for they all serve as teachable moments to set us up for success for the future. And when you finally do find your space of financial prosperity, how much easier and freer your life will be, affording you the ability to help and support others because you financially can.

Financial prosperity can lead to freedom on a number of levels, helping us to not only lead better, more fulfilling lives, but also granting us the ability to pave the way for future generations. If you feel that you could benefit from financial coaching on your path to financial freedom, you can request your 45-Minute Initial Discovery Session here.

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Penny Kidd

I'm a social worker turned Financial Coach. I'm completely debt free (including my house!) and help others make their money behave by doing a budget and becoming intentional with their money.