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At Her Wits End

I had the opportunity to guest author with my friend Gary Crist – Penny

Dear Gary: I have a grown daughter who is a single mother to my 5-year-old grandson, Brandon. My daughter works full time, rents an apartment and has transportation. My frustration is with the choices she makes financially and how these affect my grandson.

Just so you know, Brandon’s father is in prison and is of little help to his family. I get very frustrated with the way my daughter blows her money and then comes to me to help her out with monthly bills, etc. She has no savings account and spends money like she has a lot of it. She leases a new car, buys new clothes and expensive things like an iPad, huge flat-screen TV, etc. Much of this goes on her credit cards, which are usually maxed out.

I know I should not enable her by bailing her out every month, but I cannot let my grandson go without the things he needs. I know you are not a financial planner, but any direction or advice I could show her would be very helpful.

— At My Wits End in Loveland