Top 10 Ways to Trim Your Budget

by | May 4, 2020

The little things can add up to a lot, and for many of us, we don’t even realize it.

If you’re not in the daily habit of balancing a checkbook, it can be easy to forget that your daily Starbucks trip is costing you nearly $30.00 a week. Check out these 10 tips to trim your budget and fatten your wallet.

1. Food Fails
It may be a necessary evil, but the way you spend on it doesn’t have to be. From packing your lunch to buying generic, there are plenty of ways to cut down on your food costs. With so many great coupon apps and a little pre-planning, you can save big bucks. Don’t fall into the delivery trap! Convenience comes at a cost.

2. Ditch Your Debt
One of the best ways to trim your budget is to set sights on becoming debt-free. It may sound daunting, but when you do the math on what you’re paying in finance charges and fees, it can become powerful motivation. Saving credit cards for emergencies only can save serious cash in the long run.

3. Cut Your Utility Bills
It’s time to adopt Dad’s mindset and turn down the thermostat. Taking shorter showers and keeping the lights off when not needed, are just a few simple ways to cut your monthly spending. According to, lowering the thermostat on your water heater by 10°F can save you between 3-5 percent in energy costs.

4. Bundle Cable and Internet
According to Nerd Wallet, you could lower your cable bill by as much as $40 per month by changing your cable package. Besides, in the age of Netflix, Hulu and so much more, you could consider ditching cable altogether.

5. Cut Your Cell Phone Bill
Whether it’s switching plans or skipping the insurance, many of us are way overspending on our monthly cell phone bills. Consider bundling with a family plan, or switching to a lesser-known provider and save.

6. Cancel Auto-Subscriptions
Whether it’s your monthly Ipsy bag, your gym membership or Amazon Prime, we live in the age of subscriptions. So often we justify spending on these things because “it’s only $10.00 a month.” However, that $10.00 a month very quickly becomes $120.00 a year, and that’s only for one subscription. If you don’t use it or could live without it, it’s time to press cancel.

7. Refinance
Whether you have a car payment, mortgage or student loan debt, refinancing can be a great way to lower your bills. According to Nerd Wallet, refinancing your auto loan to take advantage of lower interest rates could save you $1,000 or more over the life of your loan.

8. The B-word: Budget!
According to, the best way to jumpstart establishing a budget is to realize your spending habits. Saving receipts is one great way to keep track of what you’re actually spending on, and where you can make some adjustments.

9. Cash is King
Budgeting with cash and envelopes can be a great way to spend within your means. Once the cash is gone, it’s gone. It may sound old school, but if it worked for Grandma, it can certainly work for you.

10. Build a Better Relationship With Money
Many of us have a bad attitude when it comes to finances, and changing your outlook can change everything. If you need professional help, book your Discovery Session. I’ll learn about your struggles and goals, and you’ll learn about my financial coaching program. Let’s get to know each other a bit and see if we are a good fit to work together.

Looking for private coaching? Schedule some time together by phone or video conference to get to know each other a bit and see if we are a good fit to work together.

About Penny Kidd

I'm a social worker turned Financial Coach. I'm completely debt-free (including my house!) and help others make their money behave by doing a budget and becoming intentional with their money.

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