Amanda and Dave M. Testimonial – Ft Collins, CO

“After graduate school and two career changes we found ourselves in debt and always struggling to make ends meet.”

I would create spread sheets and try to come up with a budget, but I still felt my system was chaotic. We needed a change. Penny had just started her new business and reached out to us. Her non-judgmental, to-the-point style makes tough conversations easier.

She is knowledgeable of how Dave Ramsey’s system works and is a living example of the success you can have when using it. We have only been using the envelop system for a few months but with Penny’s guidance and encouragement we have already found money in our budget we didn’t know we had.

We have an emergency fund saved up and are working on our debt. The best part is we are only spending money that we have. Our communication around our finances has improved and we are enjoying the time spent together budgeting.

We both see a very different financial future than we did before and are excited about the wealth and more important the Pennywise habits we can pass on to our children!

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Fill out this form to be contacted to schedule your Free 45-minute Discovery Session and begin the journey to become WISE with money.

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Penny Kidd

I'm a social worker turned Financial Coach. I'm completely debt free (including my house!) and help others make their money behave by doing a budget and becoming intentional with their money.

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