What Your Financial Abundance Means For Others

What is your wealth really worth if you don’t get to enjoy it? 

We don’t just live this life to work. We live this life and enjoy and share it with others. And that’s my goal as a Financial Coach: to help you to get to that place. What is your wealth really worth if you don’t get to enjoy it? 

At this time of year, we look beyond ourselves and to our family, friends, and community – the ones that gather around us. When you have set yourself up to be financially free, and you are blessed with abundance in your life, what does that mean for the ones around you? 

What Does Your Financial Abundance Mean For Others?

  1. It means you can afford those little extras: Maybe you can host the holiday, or have a holiday party with people in your home. When you can afford a little extra, you can spend a little extra on things like having lunch with friends, or even treating a friend who can’t afford it.
  2. You can give back: You can share your wealth with others in your community, by participating in events like gift and coat drives, food bank donations, adopting a family in need, etc. This is the time of year when we should be thinking about what we can do for others, and when we’re in the financial position to be able to help, we can positively influence someone else’s holiday experience. 
  3. It means you can focus on the here and now: When you are not worried about money you can focus on the good in front of you, not the worry of spending. Think of how much less stressed you would be if you didn’t have financial concerns on the brain. Wouldn’t it allow you to be more present, and to really enjoy the now? Financial concerns not only drain our bank accounts; it drains our energy too. Getting yourself into a place of financial abundance benefits us and others, by allowing us to be in a better, happier place in life.
  4. You can bless those less fortunate: If you have the room in your budget, you can help out a friend or family member who may be struggling this holiday season. Or maybe you decide to bless a stranger that you don’t know. Whichever route you choose, when we are living from a place of financial abundance, we can make an impact on those in need. When we’re able to help someone from the kindness of our heart, without expecting anything in return, we direct the energy flow that keeps blessings coming our way. A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.
  5. You can be an inspiration for others: A rising sea lifts all boats. When you get your finances in order, others see that they can do it too, and it inspires them. When others see you helping others, they want to help too. One hand washes the other here, but serving as that positive example can sometimes be all the motivation needed. 

So, how can you get yourself into a state of financial abundance? If you are ready to make a difference for yourself, your family, and your community but taking a stand and becoming financially independent, schedule a session with me today. For more information on how you can find financial abundance, schedule a free discovery session with me.

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Penny Kidd

I'm a social worker turned Financial Coach. I'm completely debt free (including my house!) and help others make their money behave by doing a budget and becoming intentional with their money.