Tricia Thomas Testimonial

Old friend, new client

“I have known Penny since we were students together at CSU!

Penny has been a wonderful friend for many years, and while I have not worked with her as a colleague, I have more recently become a client through Pennywise Coaching. Penny has really helped me to re-focus and organize my financial goals. I felt I was on a right track, but she has helped me take it to the next level, and become more financially conscious, exploring my personal goals and helping to plan toward accomplishing them!  She takes that care to explain and walk you through; doing what works for YOU! 

I can also speak to her character, dedication, determination, and plain fun spirit!  Penny accomplishes anything she sets her mind to, and does it with a confidence, and humor that is just a joy!  Her work and ethics are of the highest level and she sets the standard high for herself and others around her. I recommend Penny for coaching, projects or any position!!”

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Gretchen & Ryan

We have been working with Pennywise for three months, and we have been very pleased with the results. For us, a lot of the success comes from straightforward tactics and accountability. We are doing well simply because Penny helped us see that getting started and wanting to make the change is all it takes. You can make pretty quick progress if you have a plan and stick to. We have reduced our personal credit card debt by 75% in a few short months and we have a savings plan. With the exception of our house and one car, we will be paid off by summer. If you are thinking of getting a handle on your money, Pennywise is a great place to start.

Mykel B.

I recently took the 9 week Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class that Penny and her husband taught and I can’t begin to tell you how much I learned about managing my money and getting out of debt. Penny met with me individually and went over my finances and showed me where I could be saving some money and paying off debt. Since meeting with Penny I have started to pay more on my monthly car payments in order to pay my car off sooner with the hopes of putting that money towards savings. I have also paid off one credit card, closed four other credit card accounts and I use the envelope system to pay in cash, rather than using my debit card which has kept me on a budget. I strongly recommend using Penny as a Financial Coach. She is very knowledgeable and about personal finances and most importantly for me she is non-judgmental and available to answer any questions I have.