C. Hunter Testimonial

Budgeting always seemed so constraining.  A discouraging exercise in trying to make outflows at least equal inflows.  Then after creating one, it became just another spreadsheet taking up space on my computer since I lacked an efficient way to measure actual expenditures against it. 

Enter Penny Kidd.  Not only did she provide me with a budgeting tool for planning each and every inflow and outflow, but she also provided an efficient process for tracking actuals against the budget.  In addition, Penny provided suggestions for getting the products and services I need at a better price.  The end result is not constraint, but freedom. 

I know exactly how much I’ve spent, and what I can afford to spend.  I’m meeting my savings goals, and I’m better prepared for the unexpected. When I do make a purchase, I do so without guilt.  My financial future looks brighter than ever.  Thanks, Penny!”

Single Mom Testimonial

“I’m a self-employed single mom with two kids.”

I started working with Penny to find a budget that would help me carve out money for my kids’ college. I have irregular income due to being paid mostly on commission and the business’ ebb and flow.

Penny helped me identify which expenses were constant both personally and in the business, and then define what income was REQUIRED to cover these expenses. This helped me to become aware of where my money was going.

I became much more deliberate about my spending, and have paid off thousands of dollars in credit card debt. Working with Penny improved both my personal finances and my businesses finances. I enjoyed working with Pennywise because I found this process to be very emotional and we have a shared faith. I highly recommend Penny Kidd.

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